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Modelling Levels

Modelling photography is similar to portrait photography in that the aim is to capture the beauty of an individual; however, the aim of modelling photography is to promote an individual’s business or modelling career. Modelling photography is often divided into a variety of sub-genres:

  • Commercial, & Fashion & Swim ware – Shot fully clothed, in such a way as to highlight the individual and what they are wearing or holding
  • Swim ware & Lingerie – Shot in either Swim ware or Lingerie, in such a way as to highlight the individual as well as what they are wearing.
  • Dance, Sport & Fitness – Shot fully clothed in such a way as to highlight the individual and their abilities.
  • Alternative – Can be aligned to any of modelling genres with the addition being shot with a model who does not confirm to social normalities. i.e. Lots of Tattoos, Piecing’s, bright coloured hair, alternative fashion clothing.
  • Implied Nude – Shot fully clothed in such a way as to imply otherwise
  • Life modelling & Art Nude – Normally shot nude in an artistic manner aimed at capturing the human body but not a sexually suggestive manner.
  • Glamour – Shot partially clothed or naked in such a way as to glamorise the human body, in a sexually suggestive manner but without displaying intimate areas.
  • Adult – Similar to Glamour but displaying full nudity and normally very sexually suggestive. Adult modelling photography is often split again into the following solo areas each or which increase the amount of intimate exposure; Playboy Nude, US/UK Magazine, Continental and then interaction, with others i.e. G/G, B/G, soft and hard.

My portfolio of work includes all age groups and all genres, however please be aware that certain genres are over 18 only. All photography and levels should be agreed before any shoot.

A useful guide is available on purple portfolio.  Modelling Levels Guide

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