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I am a Cambridgeshire based independent portrait and wedding photographer, I have been shooting a variety commercial, and personal portrait photography styles for over 15 years. Specialising in professional classic and reportage photography, I loves shooting anyone with a story and particularly relishes working with Models, artists, musicians, actors, business leaders, and politicians.

My goal as a Wedding and portrait photographer is to look past the face we present to capture something deeper. Sometimes this results in creating a bright, eye-catching images. I uses simple lighting setups and uncomplicated poses. Something that sets me apart from many others is one simple, fundamental thing, I absolutely care about you, your needs and your requirements. I am a people person and will work with you to make your photographic experience special and give you photos that you will cherish forever, "photographs that will become more precious with time". I believe the key to stunning images is a simple one, it is only possible if the people I'm photographing feel relaxed and at ease. This is achieved by building relationships with my clients and getting to know you!

Integral to the process of his work is image editing. Every time the shutter is released during a shoot, I am considering the visual possibilities of what happens later in the editing suite. Although always striving for the perfect confluence of backdrop, lighting, pose, and expression during the shoot, I have an instinct for seeing past those technical obstacles that may be overcome later, in pursuit of spotting hidden secrets that can only be conjured in the moment.

I am a "people photographer" and photographing people is my passion.